IRROGIS is a professional logistics company established in February, 2013 with the vision of becoming “Trustworthy Company.”

IRROGIS focuses on providing the best global logistics service certified with its excellence and customized solution based on specialists trained on professional logistics education and know-how.

Before starting the work, we recognize characteristics of each customer’s cargo first to provide appropriate solutions by the personal meeting with the customer. Also, we can transport the customer’s cargo more quickly and safely with the professional service from nationally authorized logistics MASTER.

Special service of IRROGIS is the way to compete with other logistics companies which have become larger through M&A. We manage details on cargo meticulously which can be easily missed by other companies and think in customers’ perspective first to satisfy customers’ needs. This is IRROGIS.


  1. We always think in customers’ perspective.
  2. We recognize customers’ needs in advance, so customers do not feel any inconvenience.
  3. Customers can experience service by logistics specialists.
  4. We offer our service with authorized overseas agents all over the world.
  5. We are to become trustworthy IRROGIS.

Among hundreds of logistics companies nationwide, the only company which transports the customer’s products like their own products is IRROGIS.

Now, it is the time to experience special service of IRROGIS.
Trust IRROGIS, and we will give your products wings!